Words from our Intended Parents

Donor Nexus helped us achieve our dream of becoming parents! The team is very professional and has access to great fertility resources. They helped walk us through every step of the decision process so you are never alone. We welcomed our twins December 2017 and we could not have done it without Donor Nexus.– Alison W., Orange County, CA

We appreciate all your help and patience though out this whole process. Thank you from the bottom of or hearts!!– Mary R., Orange County, CA

I have read several online reviews and forums pertaining to Donor Nexus, and I just wanted to let you know that your name in particular was mentioned several times with nothing but praise. It made me feel confident in my decision to go with Donor Nexus for my transfer, and I couldn’t agree more with the reviews. I truly appreciate all your patience, answers, and quick responses. -Becca M., Alaska

It was SO nice speaking with you and refreshing to finally find someone to talk to who actually takes the time to explain things and answer my questions in such a professional and positive way. It means a lot to me. I have been in contact with many, many agencies and you are the first one I was impressed with. -Brittany J., Los Angeles, CA

We cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Potter, Dr. Ghazal, and everyone at HRC and Donor Nexus who helped our dreams come true. We have been so blessed by this little boy and will forever be eternally grateful to all of you. Thank you for changing our lives, giving us the best days and memories of our lives, and filling our hearts with the purest love and joy! –Ashley F., Arizona

Donor Nexus is AMAZING!! My husband and I can only say wonderful things about them. We adored working with Mackenzie who was so warm and helpful and made the whole process run so smoothly. I was delighted to be able to meet her in person and she was so excited for us when we shared our good news – she honestly is like family to us. We decided rather late to add to our family and this could have been a stressful process but instead was amazing with a wonderful pregnant outcome. Thanks Donor Nexus for all that you do! – Janet L., Orange County, CA

It wasn’t easy to hear that my eggs and my wife’s eggs weren’t really viable for IVF. Neither one of us was really expecting that, but that’s when Dr. Potter told us about donated embryos and Donor Nexus. He has such a passion for what he does and feels a personal responsibility to care for these little people just waiting to be born. We were fortunate enough to become pregnant on our second attempt and are expecting our little man in just a few weeks! My wife and I will forever be grateful for the incredible generosity of the couple who donated their embryos so that my wife and I could have a family. The staff at HRC Fertility and Donor Nexus worked together to make sure that the process was seamless. They were always available to answer any questions and were simply amazing. If you find yourself in the same situation as we were, don’t even think twice. You will not be disappointed! – Donna M., Orange County, CA

We are super excited! We are so grateful! Thank you so much for all your help and being so wonderful and kind through this process!  You were amazing and anytime we had questions you were right there to answer all of them! – Samantha K., Florida

I’ve been talking about how beautiful embryo donation is and how it has given us this dream that we never thought possible. I will always carry the message of Donor Nexus and hope I get this opportunity to bring this baby or babies into this world so that they can be the example of what a wonderful program it is! – Amanda W., Orange County, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to share my journey to motherhood. I was trying to conceive for one year and ultimately decided to turn to IVF in the hopes that I would become pregnant right away. I went to another agency and completed my first round of IVF and unfortunately my embryos did not make it. I waited approx. 6 months and tried another round of IVF again, using my own eggs and my husband’s sperm. Again the IVF was a failure and I was disappointed. At that time I decided to weigh my options and several months later I decided I would use donor eggs. My search took several months and was very frustrating to say the least. I contacted several agencies and was given the run around over and over. I also was never given a clear answer as far as pricing. I spent numerous hours online searching and it was very frustrating as I felt I was getting nowhere fast. 

I happen to stumble upon Donor Nexus online one day. I was contacted via email right away by Mackenzie. She was very attentive to what I wanted and checked in on me almost every day to assist my search for a compatible donor. I was hesitant to get a donor for the eggs but Mackenzie assured me I would feel as if it were my very own. This was a huge help and lifted the weight off my shoulder. She did not give up until we found the perfect donor. Once I chose my donor, Mackenzie helped me with all the paperwork and explained everything to me in detail. I never doubted her expertise and knew I was in good hands.

I started my protocol in January with the help of my nurse Natalie, she was very polite and helped me with all my medications. In February I completed my IVF with Dr Ghazal. Dr Ghazal was very professional and kind and I felt at ease with her immediately. In early March I received the news that I was pregnant. I was beyond excited and could not be happier! I am now carrying a happy and healthy baby boy that is due in November!!

My experience with everyone at HRC and Donor Nexus was amazing. I could not have asked for a better team of people to work with. I miss all them dearly and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start their journey into motherhood. Having the right support team makes a huge difference and it doesn’t get better than Donor Nexus!  I truly appreciate the personal attention I received from everyone. I could not have done any of this without the help of Donor Nexus and Mackenzie! – Sandy Z., Orange County, CA

Thank you so much for all your help with our process. We wouldn’t have been able to get through this without you! You truly kept us positive throughout it all. We thank you so much and so does future baby O 🙂 Thank you! – Candace O., Orange County, CA

I can’t believe my journey has come to an end with IVF. It has been a long painful 10 years of my life to conceive both kids. I want to say a big thank you for your support and understanding! I am so glad I turned to your clinic and agency. I made the right choice. My son is a very proud big brother. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of a life changing miracle! – Sandra K., Australia

You all made our dreams come true!! We will definitely have you all be apart of baby #2 when we are ready! I cannot ever put into word how thankful we are for all of you. Take care and hopefully we will be working to together again soon! – Lynn C., Missouri

I just wanted to say thank you for being a great Case Manager. Although we haven’t interacted much, you have been so refreshing! We have been going through our infertility struggle for over 7 years and have met with  a lot of people. Your quick responses, follow up, and cheery demeanor makes a whole difference. And for that, thank you! – Leah A., Portland, OR

You have been my go to girl from the start. Having you with me in this journey is a blessing. Thank you for always being so positive even when it seems impossible. I love that you count down the days too. You always keep me on track. THANK YOU! – Yuri N., Orange County, CA

I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and making me feel better. This is so stressful and I would like to go with your agency simply because your service is amazing and that’s because of you! Thank you for making a difference in someone else’s life. I truly appreciate all that you have done for me! –Susie Z., Orange County, CA

We are just so happy to welcome these babies after everything that we’ve had to do to bring them into the world. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat… seeing their sweet faces has made everything completely worth it. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we worked with you to make all of this a reality. You really did help to make our dreams come true, and I can’t thank you enough. –Lisa W., Orange County, CA

We are so very excited! Thank you for your help in making this experience so easy. I will absolutely recommend Donor Nexus. We had been to 3 other doctors who had told us there was a 2-year waiting list for donated embryos. Finding this program was a godsend. You, Donor Nexus and HRC made this process so easy and comfortable for us. – Jamie D., Los Angeles, CA

Thanks so much for the update and helping the donor and us through this process. You have definitely made it less stressful on our end and we appreciate that! – Cheryl A., Los Angeles, CA

I am over the moon and pinching myself every day. I will of course post about our wonderful experience with you and Donor Nexus. You went out of your way to ensure we had a personalized experience and we really enjoyed working with you! – Raquel T., Sydney, Australia

We are so blessed with our boys and we appreciate all you and Donor Nexus has done for us. If you ever want to know if what you do matters, just ask ME!! – Lena M., Los Angeles, CA

We just wanted to take a moment to say “You are the BEST and thank you for always going above and beyond expectations in all that you do!” We truly appreciate that you always correspond with us so quickly. We are so grateful that in the midst of all this, you have been the one we can always count on! – Vicki and Rick E., Orange County, CA

Thank you so much for being our number 1 angel from the beginning. We are extremely happy and feel so blessed to have met Dr. Potter and the HRC staff. Thank you for all you’ve done for us! – Rachel N., Orange County, CA

Thank you so very much for touching base with me. You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m so frustrated with our more local clinics as no one seems to be as willing to help as you are.  – Cathleene S., Philadelphia, PA

I really can’t tell you how excited we are and how grateful we are for the role you have played on our journey to make our baby wishes come true! Thanks again!! – Lily B., Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so much! You are such a bright spot in a challenging situation! – Lindsey A., Flagstaff, AZ

My husband and I are beside ourselves in happiness. I keep crying happy tears out of nowhere. Thank you for making this whole process as easy as possible. You guys have all been so amazing. I can’t wait to show my beautiful babies off to the world. Love the pregnant lady (it feels so good to say that!) – Christy R., Riverside, CA

We are over the moon about the pregnancy and words cannot express our gratitude of how you made this process very easy. You and Mackenzie have been a great addition to HRC’s office and I believe with your help it will be even more success than ever! – Tiffany G., Nairobi, Africa

Thank you so much for everything! You have always been so wonderful, kind, and supportive of me! I truly appreciate it! I will forever be grateful for you and your kindness! – Laura S., Irvine, CA

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance, support and enthusiasm. It really makes a difference to the patient. You and Lucy have made things easier for us and we greatly appreciate it. – Christa A., San Francisco, CA

We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the wonderful way in which you have assisted us over the past few months. This is such an emotional time for us and we really do appreciate how communicative you have been, as it has kept our stress levels to an absolute minimum. For that, we are so grateful! – Sara D., Australia

Thank you! There are truly NO WORDS to tell you how happy we are. “Excited” minimizes how I feel now that we are pregnant! – Natalie S., San Diego, CA

It turns out the transfer was successful! My husband and I are so excited. Thank you for all of your help and if you could pass a thank you to the egg donor and let her know we are forever grateful, that would be wonderful. – Dalia G., Los Angeles, CA

Thanks again for all your help and efforts. We really appreciate it! We came for a baby boy and now we are pregnant with a healthy boy. – Rob K., India

Thank you very much for all your help. We are very excited! We can’t wait to meet our baby girl. – Sherrie S., Sydney, Australia

Words from our Egg Donors

I’m so thankful to be lucky enough to have this process go so smoothly for me. I’m honored they chose me as their donor. I hope to do it again in the near future!  🙂  – Jessie, Orange County, CA

Without you, I honestly don’t know if I could have made it through this experience! Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and for keeping me on track with my appointments, you’re awesome! With that said, it has been quite an experience and I’m so thrilled I had the opportunity to help! – Katie, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for everything! It was so much fun working with you. And I loved all of the nurses and Dr. Potter, they treated me like family! – Debbie, Riverside, CA

Thank you all for being so sweet and caring through this whole process. I am in bed now with a heating pad, relaxing! – Nicole, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for making this journey and experience so easy and joyful. I appreciate you and everyone at HRC. I am truly blessed that lovely parents chose me. – Erin, San Diego, CA

Thank you for everything, I enjoyed working with everyone! – Janet, Orange County, CA

I really enjoyed this experience. Thank you for all your support during my cycle. Please give my dearest, most happiest wishes to the intended families. – Elizabeth, Riverside, CA

Words from our Partner Agencies

Thank you for treating our donors with such high professionalism and compassion.