Donating Leftover Embryos

Donating Embryos to Other Couples or Individuals

Donor Nexus is an embryo donation agency partnering with HRC Fertility in Newport Beach, California. If you are interested in donating your embryos to other couples or individuals, our embryo donation program offers an excellent solution.

Why Choose Donor Nexus?

Absolutely no cost to you as the embryo donor.

Reputable embryo donation agency with years of experience facilitating matches between embryo donors and recipients.

Flexible program with options for open or closed donations. You choose what you’re comfortable with, and we respectfully manage the embryos accordingly.

We will create a profile for your embryos and list them on our industry-leading online embryo donor database. With many intended parent(s) browsing our database, we have the ability to match your embryos with loving recipients in a timely manner.

High success rates & many happy families!

How to Donate Embryos

To start the process of donating your embryos, please fill out the form on this page. Once we receive the form, our team will be in touch with you shortly. Next, you will fill out a blank embryo profile. This is where you can express any stipulations you have on the embryos, such as requesting an open donation with semi-regular contact or any other specific wishes you may have. Next, we will upload the donor embryo profile onto our database with non-identifying information for prospective recipient families to view. Once an intended parent expresses interest in the embryos, we will organize the shipping of the embryos and you will begin the paperwork, including consent forms, to transport the embryos to our partner fertility clinic in Southern California.


For a comprehensive step-by-step process of donating embryos with Donor Nexus, download the PDF below:

Embryo Information:

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