Options for Australian Patients

Many Australian patients seek egg donation in the United States because the pool of available and eligible donors is extremely small in Australia. This means that the wait times  for egg donors can be long and you are not able to choose an egg donor with the characteristics you most desire. Patients also travel to the US for egg donor treatments if they are seeking gender selection for family balancing which is currently outlawed in Australia. At Donor Nexus, we partner with HRC Fertility, one of the most premier fertility clinics in the United States  to provide our Australian patients with exceptional, individualized, and compassionate care. HRC Orange County has the third highest IVF with egg donor success rates in the United States. With offices located throughout Southern California, the location is easily accessible for all Australian patients. Donor Nexus is so committed to providing exceptional care to our Australian patients that we have a team member currently located in Sydney to help facilitate the entire process for the patients. Below is an overview of the multiple programs we offer, costs involved and brief outline of the process an Australian patient might expect. We are always available to provide more specific information and answer any questions.

Egg Donor Cycle Options for Australian Patients

1. Traditional One-on-One Fresh Egg Donor Cycle

With this program, intended parents will receive all eggs produced by the egg donor. Our traditional egg donor cycle is ideal for patients who desire more than two children, seeking family balancing and/or are planning to genetically test their embryos. Our combined fresh and frozen transfer positive pregnancy rate is 81.8%. Click here to learn more about our Traditional One-on-One Fresh Egg Donor Cycle.

2. Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle

The shared egg donor program is where we match multiple intended parents to an egg donor. By sharing the cycle, the cost of IVF with an egg donor is lowered by half. With the shared cycle, intended parents will receive five mature eggs, in which we guarantee at least two viable embryos for transfer or freeze on Day 3. Our combined fresh and frozen transfer positive pregnancy rate is 81.0%. Click here to learn more about our Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle™.

3. Frozen Donor Egg Cycle

Since the donor eggs are already frozen, frozen egg cycles are perfect for those intended parents who wish to cycle at a time convenient to them, as the intended mother (or gestational carrier) does not need to synchronize to an egg donor. We offer an all-inclusive package with HRC Fertility, which includes the thawing of the eggs and the embryo transfer. If you are unable to travel Southern California, we can ship frozen eggs to Sydney. Our positive pregnancy rate is 62.50%. Click here to learn more about our Frozen Donor Egg Cycle.

4. Donor Embryo Cycle

A donor embryo cycle is an excellent option for patients who are considering adopting a child. Patients are required to travel to Southern California for a total of four days for the embryo transfer. Our positive pregnancy rate is 65.71% (donor embryo success rate partially dependent on the quality and stage of the embryo(s) when frozen). Click here to learn more about our Donor Embryo Cycle.

Costs Involved

  1. Patients initial consultation with the Donor Nexus representative is free of charge. We have a Donor Nexus representative located in Sydney that is available to assist patients. The consultation with the HRC physician is also free of charge.
  2. Pretesting fees in Australia varies but many of the pretests are covered through Medicare.
  3. Program fees (all program fees are in USD)
    • The Traditional One-one-One Fresh Egg Donor Cycle starts $37,750 and goes up depending on the donor’s compensation and location.
    • The Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle™ starts at $21,600 and goes up depending on the donor’s compensation and location.
    • The Frozen Donor Egg Cycle with HRC Fertility starts at $20,500, which includes at least five frozen eggs.
    • The Donor Embryo Cycle fee is $8,800.
  4. Medication Fees: Medication is purchased in Australia before flying to California. Medication costs are approximately $1,000 AUD.
  5. Travel/Accommodations: Air fares vary depending on the time of year. Click here to view our recommended airports and hotels in Southern California.

Process Once You Select Your Egg Donor

Once you’ve selected your egg donor, the process is as follows:

  • Donor Nexus will assist in scheduling a consultation with an HRC physician.
  • The HRC physician will review the patients medical history and order pretesting to be completed in Australia by either a general practitioner (GP) or gynecologist. If the patient does not have a GP or gynecologist, we can help designate one.
  • Some pretests are required to be completed on specific days of intended mother’s (or gestational carrier) menstrual cycle. Once testing is completed, the patient will be put on the birth control pill in order to synch their cycle with the egg donor, if participating in a fresh egg donor cycle.
  • The intended parents will work with a nurse coordinator to determine specific cycle dates and order cycle medications. At this time, patients can book their flights and hotel accommodations.
  • If the patient is completing the embryo transfer at HRC Fertility, they will start medications in Australia and fly to Southern California for the embryo transfer.