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Listed below are our egg donation and embryo donation programs. If you have any questions, contact us and our team will be happy to assist you.

Egg Donation Programs

Traditional Fresh Egg Donor Cycle

(All-Inclusive or Agency Fee Only Options)

Donor Nexus offers a traditional egg donor cycle, matching one couple or individual intended parent(s) with one egg donor. This gives prospective parents a wider range of egg donors and cycle program choices.

  • All-Inclusive Fresh Egg Donor Cycle
    • This cycle is ideal for patients who desire more than two children, are seeking family balancing and/or wish to PGS  test their embryos. This cycle is also ideal for international patients who have not established care with a fertility clinic yet and would like our team to coordinate all aspects of the egg donor cycle including payment to all parties involved.
  • Agency Fees Only Fresh Egg Donor Cycle
    • This cycle is ideal for patients who have established care with a fertility clinic and are requesting the egg donor to travel to the clinic for a traditional cycle. The cycle packages include the donor’s compensation/reimbursement, travel expenses, agency fee, psychological evaluation, legal fees, and temporary egg donor medical insurance.

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Frozen Donor Egg Cycle

Donor Nexus offers a frozen donor egg cycle. It is simple and can be done at a time convenient to the intended parents, as there is no cycling donor that they need to synchronize to. We are able to ship frozen eggs throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle™ 

Donor Nexus offers a shared fresh egg donor cycle, called the Shared Hope Cycle™, as a very affordable and effective option for Intended Parents. We match a fresh egg donor to multiple intended parents, allowing the IVF costs to be reduced by half while still proving intended parents with a great success rate.

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Premier Egg Donor Cycle 

This cycle is ideal for Intended Parents who are looking for an egg donor with a specific set of desirable traits, such as a higher education, rare ethnicity, professional athlete, or model. Our premier egg donor egg program allows you to utilize one of our premium egg donors at a more affordable cost. 

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Embryo Donation Program

Donor Nexus is proud to offer our industry-leading Frozen Donor Embryo Cycles to all families or individuals ready to grow their families. Although most of our donors opt for anonymous embryo donations, our flexible program offers options for open and semi-open donations as well. This is a great solution for intended parents who are seeking embryo adoption.

Frozen Donor Embryo Cycle

Donated embryos are an excellent alternative to adoption but at a much lower cost. These embryos were donated by previous patients who have completed their families and had leftover embryos.

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