Premier Donor Shared Cycle

A shared egg donor cycle is a cycle where more than one couple is matched to an egg donor. This allows the cost of IVF with donor eggs to be more affordable while still providing the prospective parents with a success rate with the fresh transfer of 80%.

The Premier Donor Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle is ideal for Intended Parents who are looking for an egg donor with a specific set of traits/qualities such as higher education, rare ethnicities, professional athletes, musicians, or models. There are additional fees associated with recruitment of these egg donors as well as high donor compensations and travel expenses.

With the Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle, you are able to utilize one of our Premium Egg Donors at a more affordable cost. Starting at $34,600, you are guaranteed five mature eggs suitable for fertilization. From the five mature eggs we plan to have at least two (2) viable embryos for implantation/transfer/freeze on Day 3.

With the Premier Egg Donor Cycle, you receive the benefits of a Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle in addition to having access to rare, one of a kind egg donors.

Note: For patients who are already established with a physician outside of HRC Fertility, embryos can be created, frozen and shipped to the patients desired fertility clinic at no additional charge.