Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle™

A shared egg donor cycle, also referred to as a split egg donor cycle or tag along egg donor cycle, is a cycle where more than one couple is matched to an egg donor. This allows the cost of IVF with donor eggs to be reduced by half while still providing the prospective parents with a success rate with the fresh transfer of 80%.

In a traditional egg donation cycle, one couple selects an egg donor and takes on all the cost of the egg donor’s screening, medications, legal fees, travel and other related medical expenses. The result often leaves the couple with many frozen embryos that they may never use. Also, the couple assumes all the financial risk for screen failures and dropped cycles.

With Donor Nexus’ Shared Hope Fresh Egg Donor Cycle™, couples receive 5 fresh, mature eggs that can be injected with sperm. Donor Nexus assumes all cost and risk for donor screen failures and dropped cycles. For a flat discounted fee, Donor Nexus pays for all medical care related to the egg donor and all cycle-related care for the prospective couple that is completed at a HRC fertility center. This includes all egg donor screening, legal contracts for the egg donor, egg donor insurance, all egg donor medication, all cycle coordination, cycle monitoring for the egg donor and recipient (ultrasounds and lab tests), egg retrieval, fertilization by ICSI, embryo culture and embryo transfer. The Shared Hope cycle guarantees at least two suitable embryos for transfer or freeze on Day 3.  Couples that on rare occasion do not receive the agreed upon allocation of eggs or do not have two suitable embryos for transfer/freeze receive a full or partial refund if a viable pregnancy does not occur.

In a typical case, Donor Nexus will have two or three couples matched to an egg donor. The typical case results in about 17 viable eggs. Five eggs will be assigned to each couple, leaving 7 eggs unassigned. The assigned eggs will be fertilized with the designated sperm and the resulting embryos grown out and transferred into the prospective mother (or gestational carrier if Mom is unable to carry a pregnancy). The couple may freeze any left over embryos for later use. The unassigned eggs will be frozen and placed in the Donor Nexus Egg Bank and made available to couples.

For about half the cost of traditional egg donation, couples can achieve their dream of parenthood through egg donation!